You’re it. You’re the mornings I wake up to, the afternoon coffee break I need to get through the day and the dreams I inevitably chase every night. You’re the kiss in the rain, the walk on the beach and the long drive to nowhere. You’re the uncontrollable laughter, the unspoken thought and the unshed tears. You’re the song that I always play, the book I never put down and the poetry that I will never get to write. You’re the unresolved fight at midnight and the remorseful apology at dawn. You’re the crazy drumming in my chest and the occasional hitch in my breath. You’re the crack in my voice and the missing words in my speech. You’re the sense when there is none and the question when there shouldn’t be one. You’re the voice when the silence looms and you’re the quiet when the voices never stop. You’re the nerves, the headache and the hangover. You’re also the cure. You’re all of it. You’re my courage and you’re my patience. You’re my home and my adventure. You’re the exception to every rule I have ever made. You’re the one I will never give up on. You’re the one worth it all. You are it for me.
My Somebody in My Someday, LJD (via polarischaser11)